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Our Story


Saphren Sport


Our Roots

            It all started with three women that share a passion for empowering women in their day-to-day lives. Each cofounder has their own uniqueness that helps add to the character of the company. One is a young tennis instructor not only coaching young girls to be the best tennis player they can be, but to grow into the best woman they can be. Another is a tennis professional with the drive to be different and set apart for the crowd.  The final cofounder is a woman with 30+ years working in the garment business, from working for surf companies to then most recently working for athletic-wear companies. They came together with one common goal: to use their passion for empowering woman to create a clothing line that promotes healthy living and a confident self-image. Today’s society is plagued with social media pressuring women to look a certain way, and it is Saphren Sport’s mission to encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and to be different by providing athletic-wear that allows women to feel comfortable and confident. We strive to promote awareness for physical, emotional, and mental health for women all across the country. Our mission is to not be like every other apparel company out there, but to set ourselves apart by connecting with the customer and bringing our goals and the customer’s goals together as one. We are all in this together, not just being bystanders of life, but attacking it each and every day with drive and a purpose.